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Recent Movie Reviews


I really wanted to like "into darkness". I'm not a die-hard trekkie, but I like original series/movies well enough, and I really enjoyed the entire original Khan storyline. As soon as I heard the Khan rumors, I was both excited and anxious. Unfortunately, I think the anxious side won out.

Don't get me wrong. It's a solid action flick, and the acting by pretty much everyone is fine, and Cumberbatch is amazing. But it's not star trek, and it especially is not wrath of khan, no matter how much it wants to be. Other reviews have focused on the good, so I'm going to focus on the bad (as I see it).

First, in the originals, Khan is from central Asia and was played by a Mexican. In this movie, Khan is as English as the queen herself. Cumberbatch's excellent performance notwithstanding, why is he called "Khan Noonien Singh" if he's Engilish? The time travel event in the first movie would not have caused a fundamental change in Khan's race, accent, etc. It's a minor point, I know, but it really dragged me out of the movie.

Second, key parts of the plot are uncomfortably repetitive of the original, with special effects added for the sake of hyperbole and all of the thoughtfulness of the original removed for simplicity. Though Kirk's journey into maturity is obviously meant to be introspective, it couldn't have been less subtle with a sledgehammer, particularly at certain key points in the plot. Parts of London and San Francisco are destroyed just to make the effects and reinforce what a bad guy Khan is, but the consequences of the horror go unrealized. Khan himself is the mechanism of a really cheesy reincarnation that follows a really cheesy exploitation of the original film.

Third, although the acting by the crew is fine, the dialogue is sophomoric and obvious. McCoy is meant to be the conscience of the crew, the thoughtful one holding everyone back from rash decisions. Here, Karl Urban is given nothing but shoddy one-liners. Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin are similarly disused.

Abrams thankfully doesn't use as much camera shake as last time, but there are still plenty of lens flares, fast zooms, and weird angles, as well as nods to star wars. They're cheap, hack, and do nothing to advance the story. As a fan of both franchises, I hate that they will all soon suffer from these faults. Cut the redundancy and hack cinematography and try to come up with some creative original plots, JJ!


Is anything in this movie a spoiler? haha. I will try not to put spoilers, just as in any review I write, but I wanted to be safe, for those born after '96 and who missed it on the news, etc.

I can't even count how many ways this was a horrid movie. Even the photography seemed very claustrophobic much of the time (most probably those were the studio scenes depicting the mountain). That style may have been intended to give some intimacy to the huge IMAX format but it just made it worse. To be fair, the real mtn shots were wonderful, but not near as good as David Breashears' IMAX footage during this same tragedy (but Breashears is a multi-decade mountaineering filmmaker), and shown in *his* movie about 1996 (and his others). I have seen 5-6 movies/docs about this, read 3 books, and have seen tons of media about this, so was this movie really necessary, considering ALL the stuff that is out there for people to source? At least one reviewer was right, that it was just another attempt to make money from this tragedy. What about the 2015 tragedy due to the earthquake? 19 people died this year on Everest, which is *more* than in 1996. I would have rather watched a movie about that.

At first, I thought this was Rob Hall's version of the story, or at least cobbled together from his teammates and clients. And I was very interested in that, at first, but it was vapid and at a the cost of barely any information or character development of the other major players. SO much was left out as to make this more fiction or "based on", rather than a real docudrama. It is a such recent history that "based on" isn't appropriate yet. Things like Sandy Hill Pitman's need to be carried up and down the mountain by Sherpas who had other vital jobs was omitted. Many priorities got mixed up on that tragic day, and this film omits many. I guess this is the jolly IMAX version rather than an honest accounting and tribute to the deceased. Beck Weathers never has sounded like an "Ugly Texan", so his lines and bravado about Texas were silly and offensive, esp as I was born in Texas. His character here, besides being largely a generalization, is an outdated one and any truth that is in it has largely passed into history by now. Weathers has always come across as a quiet, considered guy. The mtn may have sobered up his "Himalayan Mtn High", but he was hardly a brash young man, even then. His incredible story is almost completely fiction here, yet it became solid history within a couple months after the event. David Breashears was hardly anywhere to be found, the director of the IMAX film that was shooting during this expedition, which he stopped in the middle of, on peak filming days, to help with the rescue. This resulted in a financial loss and a truncated movie for him (but far better than this one), but he did the right thing. There are many interesting and suspenseful side stories, all of which came together to cause the tragedy, like the oxygen canister mix-up, but where were they.

All in all, even the TV movie, based on Jon Krakauer's wonderful book, "Into Thin Air", was much better than this, and they didn't climb up Everest to film it, you can be sure! Krakauer's and Breashears' (who has summited 5 times now)great mtn films and books just made this look silly. I have not read Anatoli Boukreev's book, who was also pivotal in the rescue, and no doubt has a different outlook than the Americans, but he also was basically ignored here, except for a couple nebulous mentions. Even the love story of Rob Hall and his wife was mostly left on the cutting room floor. What about Scott Fischer? All of these guys, besides Rob Hall, were barely mentioned. And the Sherpas got no credit, which is a crime, as without them, no white man (or any other color) would have likely summited Everest to this day (one co-summited the first summit), and they held the records for most summits until Breashears matched it with his 5th summit, last time I checked. Yes, I am irritated, as the build-up was so big, although I wasn't sure what more could be told. I should have taken my suspicions more to heart! My advice, if not completely obvious by now, is to watch and read the other material about this story and skip this awful movie. And if you liked it, all the more reason to delve into those.


Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children was easily my most anticipated film of this Fall. I had read the book, and I think Tim Burton was an excellent person to direct this film. I had no idea what was in store.

The first bit was good, as it was more like the book, except with the character switching of Claire and Emma, though they actually made that work. A lot of the photos were edited, which sucked, but we got a classic Tim Burton stop motion scene. The second half was where it went haywire. For some reason, they went to a carnival, which was pretty stupid. Samuel L. Jackson's villain, was stupid, and never did anything but kidnapping Miss. Peregrine, but mostly cracking jokes. Out of nowhere there was a forced monkey woman, and other crap that had nothing to do with anything. But, at least the twins actually did something instead of just being there. And, for the whole movie, Asa Butterfield does a terrible performance. He looks bored, as if he absolutely despised the film. Maybe he read the Ransom Riggs book. Luckily, he is surrounded by great performances, like Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson. This film is enjoyable if all the other theaters are playing Pete's Dragon, but trust me, you would rather be watching Suicide Squad.


I have to disagree with the bourne analogy.I just don't see it ,after watching the movie I felt it went in a bit of a different direction and I actually thought the movie was entertaining,and cavill seemed unaware for the most part what was going on.Was it a blockbuster,or huge like the bourne's ? No.But it had merit and I am I admit,a little into cavill,and think he is on the rise.the thing is though,is that they are doing a lot of movies along this same line.Still,all in all,though its not great,i wouldn't go so far to say that its not worth a watch.There may be a few mistakes and oddities in the show,but still it kept my attention to the end.the storyline seems to lack here and there,but I guess I still think it turns out to be a fairly good watch.


Dredd is an uncompromising vision of Judge Dredd's world and adventures.

There is no hesitation in any aspect of the film. The script, performances and direction are all first rate. Karl Urban is excellent as Dredd to the extent that Sylvester Stallone's campy buffoonish take on the character is forgotten. Lena Headey is typically excellent as MAma and Olivia Thirlby is both vulnerable and tough as rookie Anderson.

I'm delighted that I own this bluray and I hope that we get a chance for a sequel. Easily one of the best sci fi action movies in years.

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