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Recent Movie Reviews


Let me start by saying this,this new Ghostbusters movie is not the worst movie ever released.With that said, this is not a good movie.This movie is one that the studio involved should have never been given the red light to make.Unless this movie Ghostbusters was going to have the original cast brought back for a third film, this franchise was finished a long time ago.The cast of this movie do mix and gel a little, but the story itself is terrible.I did laugh maybe twice watching this movie,but it was silly humor so that doesn't count.There are many cameos in this movie so that can keep people watching a bit .But without a script and story,I'm never watching this again.


I have a chance to see this in a early screening today. I can guarantee you, the wait is worth-it. For me it is as good as the first one (and if you prefer epic action, this one is definitely better), but my favorite is still the first one because it completely took me by surprise.

Animation? Superior !! but the proper credit to say is cinematography. 3D effects is easy to achieve today because of advancements in technology. But it takes great cinematography to capture your imagination. If you are tired of "lazy" 3D, then watch this one.

Story? The Best! I won't tell anything about the plot. But I will say that the story connected to me so well. It is about "Coming out of Age"


WE ENCOUNTER A TIME IN OUR LIFE WHEN WE ASK, "WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?" "WHERE DO I WANT TO BE?" .. we usually ask those questions during graduations.


This movie will definitely help you find the "inner you". I wish this movie is shown during the time I graduated. My transition from college to real world would have been a thousand times easier.



It is nearly impossible to make a film about terminal illness and not make it heartfelt. The Fault in Our Stars has its heart in the right place but – WOW! – you walk out wishing that someone would shake the dust and clutter and broken fragments off the screenplay so it can flow with more efficiency. Here is a movie that is so busy being profound that the characters feel trapped by plot gimmicks and stale dialogue.

Based on the bestselling book by John Greene, the movie stars the talented Shailene Woodly as Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager with Stage 4 thyroid cancer with metastasis forming in her lungs. She's been living with this disease since she was 13, and now she lugs around an oxygen tank with a nasal cannula. Hazel is distant, a bit surly and more than a little bit cynical about the world. In other words, she's a normal teenager. Her parents force her to attend a cancer survivor support group that is led by an overly emotional group leader who begins each session by unrolling a large rug with a big – and somewhat unnerving – picture of Jesus on it.

One day in group she meets Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), a fellow teen who confidently announces that he is suffering from osteosarcoma which has already claimed the lower part of his right leg. He's a nice guy that Hazel meet-cutes when she bumps into him in the hallway. There is little resistance from either side as to how they feel about one another and in the blink of an eye, they fall in love.

That's more or less all that you need to know. The connection between Hazel and Augustus is not really built on chemistry but on the fact that they both suffer from terminal illness. The movie doesn't have the flow of real life, but is built on conventions of the plot. Everything in their relationship is calculated for effect, we get gimmicks instead of narrative. For example, Augustus carries around a pack of cigarettes and occasionally puts one in his mouth. Hazel is disgusted but Augustus offers this explanation: "They don't kill you unless you light them. And I've never lit one. It's a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing. A metaphor." That's fine, but the sight of Augustus with the cigarette in his mouth looks as ridiculous as it sounds. He puts the unlit cigarette in his mouth so often that we want to take his away from him and say "STOP THAT!!" The movie is loaded with strange moments like that. There is an odd subplot about a book that Hazel has read over and over by a mysterious author named Peter Van Haughton who has apparently disappeared into seclusion somewhere in Amsterdam. After a long and pointless series of arguments with doctors and with Hazel's parent, she and Augustus accept an invitation to fly to Amsterdam to meet him. Van Haughton is played in an angry performance by Willem DeFoe that seems shoe-horned in as if he were visiting from a different movie.

Worse is what comes next. Hazel and Augustus visit Anne Frank's house. Naturally, Hazel has trouble climbing the series of steep staircases. When she reaches the famous attic, there is little to no attention paid to the fact that they are in Anne Frank's famous hiding place. Instead, the scene climaxes with Hazel and Augustus's first kiss, to which all the strangers around them begin to applaud.

The movie never really deals with the issue of what it is like to live with cancer, or the inevitability that it will claim your life. The dialogue lightly dances around these issues but no one ever gets serious about discussing them. They know they're going to die but neither Augustus nor Hazel ever get down to the serious business of discussing what lies on the other side. Augustus talks a lot about "oblivion", which indicates that he is an atheist, but the movie doesn't go there. We know from the beginning that one or both characters will face the final curtain before the movie is over, but the film's final act is a long – very long – series of slow passages about eulogies and final wishes that goes on and on and on. It should be moving us to tears but you find yourself checking your watch instead.

Hazel informs us in the beginning that "Pain deserves to be felt." We agree, but the movie could do with a lot more pain and a lot less catharsis. The characters talk and talk and talk and talk, but nothing they have to say has any real meaning. Death is the inevitability of this story, but there's such a long and drawn-out funerary tone to the film's third act that is tinged with so much hope and finality that it feels like the happiest sad ending you've ever seen.


I read the book prior to seeing the movie and because the book was exceptionally outstanding, I was excited to see the movie. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Now I know that all movies cannot be exactly like the book or they could get really long, but you CANNOT expect to take out MAJORITY of the important details from a book and expect to movie to be good. So many details were left out. For example, Marcus basically stalked Ronnie through the book and was supposed to be the sociopath. He was in the movie once, maybe twice.

I was also very upset with the idea involving the fire in the church. In the book, Will believed Scott started the fire and continued to have him confess. However, it was brought to light that Marcus and his fireball tossing gang were responsible, thus making Ronnie forgiving of Will.

Another HUGE detail I feel that could have been included fairly simply was the fact that Ronnie's mom was actually responsible for the divorce because SHE cheated on her husband, so he left. That was not even touched on in the movie. It was just accepted that her dad was the problem

While I'm going, the wedding scene was wrong and the background of Ronnie's father was pretty much missing. His background with the priest was not in the movie, making his appearance at the end of the funeral seem so awkward and out of place.

Overall, I felt that the movie was very choppy and seemed way too rushed and because many details were ignored, it didn't make a ton of sense. I felt that the only acting that was believable was the scenes between Jonah and his dad. The one very touching part of the book that was left from the movie was the scene between Jonah and his dad in the hospital when his dad explains everything. I was crying so much while reading it and then the movie skipped from Miley blaming her dad and pouting as he is dying to her with her BF on the beach. It was very frustrating and I found Miley's acting to be less than true. I felt like the true depth of emotion that I felt in the book was missing in the movie and that Miley's reactions were abrupt and fake. Her relationship with her dad was horrible but seemed to magically fix itself with no explanation.

In the end, I left the theater extremely MAD. I was expecting to cry a lot but only cried when seeing Jonah finish the stain-glass window and at the funeral. I felt like coming home and reading the book again.

I would not recommend that you spend money to see it. If you can see it free, try not to leave part way through.


Why was this film remade? Why can't the Americans just let us have our comedies? Why do they have to steal all of our ideas? Why would James Marsden and Danny Glover degrade themselves in this movie? Why can't they try something original for a change? And when will Chris Rock realise that he's really not all that funny?

Please take my advice all avid film and comedy fans if anyone out there is interested in watching this film STOP!!!! Go out and find the original and watch that. I promise you it is so much better.

The British have a much more tactful way of creating comedy. We don't need to use short people jokes and sexual innuendo to get laughs. IT'S JUST SIMPLY BETTER

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