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Recent Movie Reviews


This is a video game with live (probably overpaid) actors. Luc Beson has worked on screenplays for movies I've enjoyed, including La Femme Nikita, The Transporter, and especially Leon the Professional. But not this one. This is surely one of the most juvenile movies I can remember. I've watched many John Travolta movies, some good, some mediocre, but this is at the bottom of the list.

Within 15 minutes after John Travolta shows up in the plot, he shoots, perhaps 50 Chinese, in Paris single-handedly, and mano-a-mano knocks out some seven gang members. I'm not necessarily looking for realism in action movies, but this is nothing but a shoot-em up video game with actors. If this is what you want, go watch it. After 40 minutes, I stuck the DVD back in its envelope, and I often do watch, even sub-par movies to the end.


Jason Bourne hurt my eyes.

I had to look away from the action sequences because the blurred confusion of light and colour gave me a headache. The almost steady establishing shots were way too brief, and were gone before you had a chance to marvel at the city of Rome or Athens laid out before you.

I've rated it awful because it is the only movie I've thought about asking for my money back - the camera work is really that bad.

The same old story is getting very old. Surely the CIA would have brought Bourne in by now, instead of wasting all their time, energy and agents, trying to kill him?

Does the CIA have external enemies, or does this series of movies suggest it is a self perpetuating entity that spends all its resources fighting among itself?

As for the way the agency can see and hear everything, that too is getting old. The fog of war is real, and should play a part in the story. If only Uber drivers could get to you as fast as the agency can get to Bourne, in the middle of a city, during rush hour, it would be amazing.

This tired old horse of a movie series died from flogging quite a few movies back. It is time for Bourne to move on, and with a much better cinematography director.


A typical middle-class suburban family suddenly have the strangest and eeriest of experiences happening right in their very home, to all the members of the family. These range from simple skin allergies to elaborate geometric skin markings, from photos disappearing from their frames to birds crashing into their windows. As their kids Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett) seem to be the targets of the unseen assailants, Lacy (Felicity Huffman) and Daniel (Josh Hamilton) have to race against time and the unknown to save their family. Can they?

"Dark Skies" straddles the genres of horror and science fiction. It is not bad at all. It is not overly ambitious. It achieves the goals it sets out to do effectively. Of course, there are typical horror clich├ęs and convenient coincidences all around but the execution manages to make it work. The main actors have some preposterous things to do and say, yet they still manage to pull it off somehow and make us care about them. I am not going to reveal here what exactly was going on in this film, but I can say that this could be a very good episode of the X- Files if Mulder and Scully were there.


There is some intense hatred for High-Rise, which I think comes from people expecting something very different to what they found. So I'm going to try and tell you what to expect without any spoilers.

A lot of people will find this movie hard to relate to because it has anti-heroes and is driven by concept rather than character - its pacing is guided more by the ideas it wishes you to consider than the emotions it wants you to experience. Another swathe of viewers will be put off because it offends their politics, and sociology and politics are at the core of this movie. Ballard made some observations about human nature, the which Jump and Wheatley relate to the politics of their own generation. The majority of High-Rise's observations are pessimistic to say the least; those overly sensitive to the observations' bleakness, or who can't relate to their context may not find much here.

But if you can immerse yourself into the film's style, enjoy the outstanding performances and cinematography, and enjoy decrypting J.G.Ballard's metaphors through Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump's lens, there is a lot here for you.

My only gripes are 1) that it didn't show at any cinemas within a reasonable distance from me, and 2) having Abba stuck in my head (although vastly reinvented versions appear in the movie, it is the original song which burrows into my ear like a parasitic worm).


Don't misunderstand.

Both Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington are in their 60s, both have defied the laws of Physics by starting brand-new careers as Action Heros late in life. and both are charismatic and talented enough to pull it off.

(Neeson with the Taken series plus a few other assorted action roles recently; Denzel with the Equalizer franchise and this strange oater.)

Frankly, I would be happy to buy a ticket buyer for all the action roles they both can dish up. If both these gentlemen want to continue to make these sorts of pictures for the next 20 years, I promise to keep watching.

However, leaving aside the star power of the lead in this production, overall this film is a borderline remake.

The original had a better ensemble cast, better music, and better acting.

This is an "OK" remake (as many other members have opined here) with arguably better pistol-handling skills.

And still a very nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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