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Recent Movie Reviews


Wow. I just returned from viewing the great Gatsby. This movie was by far one of the absolute worst, confusing, and boring movies I have ever seen. The fact that Toby McGuire was the lead speaking voice was embarrassing and humiliating to anyone who considers themselves a fan of this motion picture. This movie had no substance or direction. The amount of CGI used in this movie to display New York City and driving scenes was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep. I wouldn't even give Daisy a 4 on looks, and Leonardo Dicaprio is willing to get killed for her? No way. She was beat. And the music at the parties resembled party rock anthem by LMFAO. Dreadful movie.

If you or your loved ones had to suffer through this completely disgraceful piece of garbage some may call a motion picture, may god have mercy on your, or their souls, and I would advise anyone who has not seen this movie to never consider purchasing a ticket.


I thoroughly enjoyed Neill Blomkamp's previous film, "District Nine". That film succeeded because of its well-written, interesting characters, uniquely lived-in futuristic setting, and, most importantly, its emotional core. Unfortunately, Blomkamp's newest project has fallen far short of my expectations. "Elysium" is utterly dull. In spite of an aesthetic that almost exactly mirrors that of "District Nine", "Elysium" lacks the characters or attention to plot details that would have made the movie work. Instead, it falls flat in almost every way.

Most notable in failure is Jody Foster, whose character is insufficiently developed to explain away her perpetual foul mood and all-encompassing anger - this is as two-dimensional a character as any I've seen. However, almost no facet of the movie IS well-developed: there are several 'emotional' moments in the movie that lack impact simply because the audience is given no time to get to know the characters involved before these important events occur. There's simply no reason for an audience member to care about a character who's only had ten or fifteen lines of generic dialogue in well less than five minutes of screen time.

I was irritated that Blomkamp was unable to recapture the emotional connection that made "District Nine" special to me. While there was clearly a moral message to this movie, it was ham-fisted in execution and ultimately meaningless. A montage at the very end of the movie's lengthy action finale emphasizes the weight of the choice that our hero made, but what's the point of making that choice if the audience must be inundated with recycled footage and clich├ęs to make the connections that are vital to making the moment emotionally meaningful? Blomkamp doesn't seem to have trusted his audience to make these connections, and that's the final insult. "Elysium" is not a smart movie, and it doesn't expect its audience to be any smarter. As I walked out of the theater, I could remember only one or two names from the whole feature - that alone speaks volumes for how forgettable a film this really is. "Elysium" tries to hide its lack of heart by battering the audience into thinking it should care... But, as in all of the other important areas, it falls far short of its goal.


The Raid : Redemption was an amazing movie, can't wait this second sequel.

Gareth Huw Evans's The Raid, released in 2012 but already a modern action classic, was a bloody masterpiece of claustrophobic narrative economy. Its simple, video-game-like conceit was that of a Jakarta cop stuck in a giant drug den apartment complex, being attacked by wave after wave of junkies and henchmen as he made his way to the main villains. The Raid 2 opens almost precisely where the first one left off, but then quickly does away with the typical sequel idea of staging the same film in a different environment; it abruptly, almost hilariously broadens its scope. If The Raid took place over a couple of hours, The Raid 2 takes place over years. If The Raid was mostly one guy fighting a bunch of other guys, The Raid 2 is many guys (and one exceptional gal) fighting each other in various head-spinning combinations. If The Raid was a tight, tough, flawlessly executed action flick, The Raid 2, while almost equally amazing, is a diffuse, ambitious, flawed gangster ballet. It's so sprawling that it feels like it could be a series. Maybe it should have been. But the big screen is clearly where such explosive cinema belongs.

Source : http://www.vulture.com


I watched this movie in high hopes of seeing something different, visually exciting and with a storyline that would intrigue and capture my imagination. Sadly it didn't deliver on any level.

Perhaps I'm of an age where I remember too many movies that have come before because, to be honest, this was a mish mash of other story lines and it wasn't done well.

If you've seen Close Encounters, Paranormal Activity, Alfred Hitchcocks "the Birds" and just about any unsatisfying documentary about Alien abduction then you've seen this movie already. It was deeply un- entertaining. It's simply impossible gather any sympathy for the characters or their plight. Wooden, stilted, slow, unoriginal and dull would just about sum it up.

I quite enjoy a slow movie that builds up the suspense and draws you in .... taking it's time to tease you into believing one thing and then delivering a surprise twist. The only surprise was I yawned so much. I know most people will just say, "you didn't have to watch it you know" but I did, I believe in giving a movie the respect and opportunity to entertain. Sadly, this movie doesn't return the favor. By the end you're just completely bemused as to why, if aliens were to visit, they would prey on such a tediously tiresome family.

No budget, however small, can excuse a poor storyline. That is the basic starting point of any movie. It seemed as if someone had seen Close Encounters, forgotten all about it and suddenly thought "OOOH here's an idea!"

Sorry, but it was awful.


I saw this movie today and this was the first Star Wars film that I wanted to walk out on.

Here are my grips with the movie

1. NO OPENING CRAWL - It seems like the people who made this movie did not consider consistency to be important in the Star Wars franchise. This is the first movie in the franchise to not have an opening crawl and not having consistency really shows in the quality of the movie.

2. BAD PACING and TRANSITION - In the beginning of the movie you have the camera jump from random planets without any real explanation as to what is going on and this type of camera work goes on for the entire movie. It just feels like a bunch of random shots put together.

3. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - You feel absolutely no emotion or bond towards any of the characters. All of them feel replaceable and there is no memorable chemistry between the characters in any way. I have no idea why Forrest Whittaker was even in the film because he serves no purpose. His character finds the main lead and then it entirely skips any sort of character development that could've happened between the two. I don't even remember the characters names because most of them were so unmemorable

4. THE ROBOT - As I said before consistency did not seem to be important to the makers of this movie. The reprogrammed imperial robot seemed TOO human. He moved too much like a human and talked too much like a human, which did not happen in any of the other star wars movies. The most human like droid was C-3p0 but even he did not MOVE like a human.

5. VADER - Something about this Vader seemed to be off. I can't point my finger as to what it is but his style of talking and also his suit seems to be different because I didn't see a chain around his neck. Also his lightsabre fighting style seemed too agile and more like the prequel rather than a hard hitting slow style like in the original trilogy. As I said before, consistency didn't seem important to the filmmakers and little things like this pulled me out of the movie.

6. Obvious SJW Agenda - I am Korean-American. When I watch a Star Wars film, I just want a good Star Wars film. I don't need a Star Wars filmed disguised with a SJW Agenda. Is it a coincidence that the Rebels has a woman, an arab, two Asian guys, a hispanic etc. and the Empire is all white? Why can't I just have a good Star Wars film?

I will say this. The only good part of the movie was at the end when the Death Star fires at the planet because that is the only time I actually felt emotion for the characters and saw a little bit of character development.

Otherwise, this was a terrible movie. You will only watch it just because it is Star Wars.

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