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Recent Movie Reviews


For a low budget movie, I will say I enjoy the movie. Has adrenaline, has a good story, and lets agree its not perfect but I will give a honest 9 of 10. Even one can read here some aggressive reviews, Its much more logical and better performed then a "Prometeus" lets say or "Battleship", movies with a lot of lot more budget - and much worst then thin one. A movie who receive no publicity and make us to confirm - once more - the "louder" movies are worst. I am sure this movie will receive much more attention then other "famous" producers. I enjoy the movie. God work. Same for producer. I will recommend this movie because its a decent one.


I went into this movie with zero expectations. I only watched Power Rangers a little bit when was younger and was never really into it, but, I got to say I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I loved it, I think everyone involved did a very good job. There was a good mix of comedy, action, drama and even some sentimental moments.

The actors all fit into their roles very well and some of them even surprised me. The cast had some well known actors/actresses such as Elizabeth Banks, Bill Vader and Bryan Cranston who all did very well in their roles. There was also a very good mix of new faces mixed in with Dacre Montgomery (who will be starring in season 2 of Stranger Things later this year.) Ludi Lin who was a very pleasant surprise. I have never heard of him before going to see this movie and now he is someone I am going to look out for in the future. Like probably most of you I have only heard some of Becky G's music but have never really given Her a second thought. When I heard she was going to be a main character in this movie I was a bit hesitant about it. I have never been happier to be proved wrong.She played the role of Trini perfectly and made her character someone that, I think, a lot of people can relate to. Naomi Scott as Kimberly was perfect casting. I loved her in Lemonade Mouth when I was younger so I was excited when I heard that she was cast in Power Rangers. She played the role of Kimberly very well and I definitely will be looking for her more in the future. Everyone did very well in their roles but to me, and I'm sure a lot of you, RJ Cyler stole the show. His portrayal of Billy was perfect. Billy was a very important character being the first superhero to be on the autism spectrum and RJ Cyler absolutely nailed it.

Something that I personally am not a fan of in movies is a lot of CGI but, I got to say this movie pulled it off. It wasn't cheesy and went with the movie very well. I also have to mention the soundtrack in the film. every song fit the moment perfectly and added that extra bit to the movie.

This movie was about all the characters becoming the Power Rangers and evolving. It takes a long time before they actually become the Power Rangers. The reason for doing this is to show how all of the characters develop throughout the movie which I think was a very dog move. Every character develops really well personally as well as a group. I really hope there is a sequel as the end set it up perfectly. At the end of this movie it shows the teacher at detention introduce a new character, Tommy. Introducing this character would be a good fit for the next movie (if there is one.) If they do decide to do another movie we will be able to see the rangers more experienced and, if they do decide to make Tommy a ranger, we can see how they adjust to the new addition.


I hadn't seen so many elderly folks in a movie theatre, since I saw The King's Speech last year. I suppose there is a bit of irony in considering that a film called the Descendants has an audience of ancestors.

The best thing about the movie however, is that I think it can be appreciated greatly by any adult age group, elder or not. There are laughs to be had and tears to be shed. The film centres around middle aged, Matt King; a Hawaiian land baron attempting to connect with his children with the knowledge that his comatose wife is at death's doorstep, and he knows that she had an affair before her accident. Meanwhile, he is under pressure from his network of cousins to sell his inherited land to the kind of real estate that wants to put up a seaside condo-mania.

In essence, it's a recovery story. The formula is not entirely 'new' yet the somewhat paradoxical balance of refinement and dry humour are enough to elevate this to a very well rounded story. As far as drama comedies go, The Descendants is ideal.

This may be George Clooney's best lead performance to date. I think it is the first role that doesn't require him to be slick or charismatic even for a moment. He is rather scruffy, but more importantly, he is human. Clooney brings range to the role, hitting all the right notes, funny and serious alike.

I like the fact that even though we are on Hawaii (a photographer's paradise) the island doesn't look all that special. It's important that The islands look just as mundane to the audience as it would to the characters who inhabitant it. Most of the time it's cloudy, and low brow, except for the few moments where it is necessary to bring out the sunshine, as we stand on a cliffs edge with the King family overlooking dozens of acres of land which could very soon become merchandise.

Another thing I like about the Descendents (which you don't see often) is an ending that is both happy and sad. Some say that great films are the ones that leave you wanting more. The Descendants did this to me, and it's probably the closest thing to a great film I've seen this year.


Aging mercenaries portrayed by aging action stars team with younger mercenaries to battle an international arms dealer (Mel Gibson) in a poorly written, badly shot and cut, muddled mess of an action film - the third entry in the series/franchise/action hero seniors tour begun by Sylvester Stallone (already having milked his Rocky & Rambo franchises for remaining crumbs) in 2010 with a decent first entry.

A pirated copy of this third entry was leaked online (by someone who WILL be caught and dealt with) in late July predating the August 15th, 2014 official theatrical release which is why the derision has come so fast and furious in advance. Millions have already downloaded it and spread the word about how bad it is and in particular how bad the younger actors in it are. It is also why box-office receipts won't be very impressive. Plenty have already seen it and told others not to bother.

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who portrays Luna - one of the young mercenaries, is sure to be nominated for a Razzie as 'Worst New Star' for her acting. I've seen better acting from Tough Actin' Tinactin. But that will inevitably be part of the draw of the movie. Audiences will want to judge for themselves if her acting is as terrible as they have heard.

Since words can't fully describe (but I'll try) how bad Rousey's performance is they won't be ready for what they see. Her characterization is composed of rolling her eyes, shaking her head and squinting in an insipid characterization given by an irritating, crass and unattractive individual with no previous acting experience.

They should've got Gina Carano if they wanted an MMA star. Gina is way cuter, her MMA comes across better on screen and she is a passable actress.

The gimmick upon which the first two Expendables movies built an audience was this 'family reunion' style casting of old action movie stars. But producers were driven to lock-up a newer audience demographic. Going younger and cheaper whilst bringing in new blood may have seemed like a good plan at first but the adverse results are plain to see.

Mel Gibson is the best aspect of the film. He could always act. But his scandalous, offensive outbursts and history of violence add all the necessary subtext for him to become Hollywood's premier villain and tack 20 more years on to his career if he does it right. This is the perfect role for him and he milks it for all it is worth. The screen comes alive when he is on it which unfortunately isn't for very long.

The remainder of the older action stars in the cast give performances as tired and sad as you might expect. Schwarzenegger inspires more pity than Harrison Ford. Antonio Banderas with his over the top acting is nearly as bad as Rousey. Bruce Willis should count himself lucky he was left out of the mix. Wesley Snipes? Let's not even go there.

Whether it is botox or just aging Stallone looks like a toy action figure left too close to a radiator. Yikes!

Jet Li is among the action stars billed but is barely on screen for 5 minutes.


A modern British film - realistic, gritty and down to earth without any American glitz, glamour or special effects. Two lads go to Scotland for a hunting weekend and when something terrible happens, we see how they deal with it and the consequences of their actions. It's a tense thriller that jumps right into the action from the start. It's sad this is a requisite of most films today, as personally I would have preferred to know the main characters a little better before the hunting trip, The tension then slowly builds to a dramatic ending which I hadn't predicted. It's a simple set up without lots of crazy and pointless action and plots twists at every corner. Overall a film that works, is enjoyable to watch and makes you ask your best mate - what would you have done?

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