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Recent Movie Reviews


The script writer is from the U.S. east coast (Virginia), and the script appears to be telling in that regard. Reviews at Indian Country Today are pleased at how the Cheyenne captives being returned to their homeland are portrayed. I concede that, but otherwise the movie plot is historically and geographically preposterous from the get-go. The writer apparently has never studied Wikipedia, much less read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown or An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. The premise of massacre of white settlers (1) by Comanches, (2) in 1892, (3) in either eastern New Mexico or a well-watered part of other New Mexico, fails. The Comanches were subdued in northwest Texas and adjacent eastern New Mexico by the late 1870s, and thereupon fled to Mexico. Moreover, preceding atrocities alluded to and productive of Captain Blocker's initial Indian hatred were mostly the other way around, which is to say a preponderance of white atrocities (Brown, Dunbar-Ortiz, Wikipedia). I didn't catch the dialogue exactly, but at one point in the movie I thought the name Billy Dixon came up as a Captain Blocker friend the Indians supposedly had killed in savage fashion. If I have that wrong, then I have that wrong. But if I have it right, the fact is that Dixon was one of the hunters who nearly exterminated the bison, who mainly fought Indians who were trying to stop such extermination, and who died ultimately in his 70s of old-age pneumonia. Then, without going through or across the Rockies from New Mexico to Montana, which thus requires traveling through eastern New Mexico, eastern Colorado, and eastern Wyoming, the cavalry and the Cheyenne they're escorting traverse a mixture of semi-arid lands with topography, or apparent Rockies foothills with trees. They somehow don't cross many major roads or trails, somehow don't encounter many other people or signs of white civilization, and somehow miss or mostly miss Colorado Springs (where "America the Beautiful" was composed in 1893), Denver, Cheyenne, and Laramie. At best, this puts them farther east on a route through the mostly treeless and mostly flat far western Great Plains, except that's not scenery that's in their journey or the movie. Parts of the movie that weren't filmed in the New Mexico or Colorado Rockies, or vicinity, were filmed in Arizona which is not on the way to Montana.


Suffers from inconsistencies, both technical and story wise. They change the shooting styles, cameras, fps, warmth/cold - for no apparent reasons at all. Feels like it's not clear what this movie "wants to be". The main character is supposed to be a "super-hacker" but doesn't do anything "super hack-y", just wanders around, shooting people, and nails the female protagonist. Doesn't have many hacking-scenes for a "hackers movie", has tons of boring gun-scenes instead, from some reason. The motivation of the villain was, not interesting. References many other "movie-cliches" (not in a good way). Severely lacks humor. The few jokes in it are really cheesy (yeah, it's not a comedy , but comic reliefs are important). Many of the audience members left the theater in the middle or before the end.

Video review: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=842110769178326


I'm confused so much, all these movies sorta blend into each other. Since they are tied together. Hulk, Thor, Cap America, Iron man, etc.... Since the avengers were in this I assumed it was another Avengers movie.

But no it's Captain America: Civil War? Huh? Don't you need the Avengers for a civil war? What it being CIVIL and all. Umm....so confused.

Where is Thor and Hulk, and Loki and and and.....I can go on and on, but you get the point. We really know it was budget issues. They are IN the Avengers, SO why are they not asked to sign? ?????

Confusion. WHY do, ALL OF A SUDDEN, half the avengers seem not to trust Cap???? OH right since that is what the plot needed. This whole movie is just trash. Random spider man and ant man thrown in too, why not? Just whatever at this point. Explosions and random sh*t. Can anyone make sense of these movies anymore?

All started with Cap, the Nazis stole something from Thor/Loki....then he was frozen, woken up....umm Tony Stark's father knew Cap. Umm Cap almost banged Peggy? She did stuff created shield or something....then Hydra got in. Then Loki went crazy, and Thor stopped him, or didn't. Umm then Iron man made suits....Black widow wore tight tight clothes. She was in ballet??? Kissed Cap, but loves Hulk??? Umm....wtf is even happening any more. Robin hood has a secret family??? And who was that guy in a panther suit. RANDOM AS F***! LOL ?????

If you LOVE confusing white noise this is the movie for you!!!!! "Confusing White Noise: The Movie!"


I was a big fan of the first Hot Tub Time Machine, which was Back to the Future meets The Hangover. It was funny and raunchy, had four leads you get invested in, and tells an entertaining story. It's ending left me wanting more, so I thought a sequel would be awesome. When I heard John Cusack was not in this, my feeling for it left little excitement, and the trailer didn't much for me either, but I wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt.

The movie pretends to have a plot, but it's an excuse for gross out gags. Like Movie 43 although not as awful. John Cusack I really missed, there was chemistry with the cast in the first film, with him gone it just breaks down the chemistry. Adam Scott is funny in a few scenes as Cusack's son, but he looks so out of place. Rob Corddry is awful, his craziness is amped up to 11,it's like the writers felt he was too subtle in the first one. And Rob Corddry can be funny, if given the right jokes. Craig Robinson looks incredibly bored, and Clark Duke does try but goes nowhere.

I'd rather watch the first film and pretend that this sequel does not exist.


Mixing cancer and comedy doesn't seem like it should go so well, but 50/50 is a film that makes it work. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Adam, a 27 year old easy going guy who unexpectedly gets diagnosed with cancer. The film details his struggle to beat the disease and all the hardships that come along with having to fight a disease as crippling as cancer at such a young age. Adam is surrounded by various other people in his life that all influence him in different ways. Seth Rogen plays his best friend, Kyle, who always tries to help Adam out, but doesn't always know how to go about it. Anna Kendrick plays Adam's therapist, Katherine, whose attempts to help Adam cope with the cancer work at times, but at other times she just can't find the right way to connect with the grieving youngster. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Adam's girlfriend and Anjelica Houston is one of the strongest characters, Adam's overprotective mother. The film is a compassionate tale of love and friendship while simultaneously being a raunchy pothead comedy. The overlap is strange, but it works incredibly well.

There are so many ways to do a comedy film about cancer wrong, but very few ways to do it right. 50/50 thankfully manages to find the sweetspot of this risky terrain and succeeds in being a charmingly touching film as well as a wildly hilarious one. The writer of the film, Will Reiser, based the film on his own experiences with fighting and beating cancer at a young age, and his passion and understanding of this story shine beautifully through the film and its characters which surely all resemble Reiser's own friends and family in some way. 50/50 doesn't lean too far to either side of the comedy versus drama spectrum and it always maintains a consistent level of heartwarming hilarity balanced with touching sincerity. The drama and comedy weave in and out of each other perfectly and seamlessly with neither genre feeling inappropriate or out of place. It is sincere filmmaking at its finest.

Moreover, 50/50 just does a great job with its balance of genres, but also with the overall story and the great characters within that story. We grow such passionate empathy for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a way I never thought could be possible. The film draws us into his troubled world so well and we are rooting for him all the way, cheering on his every move and growing more and more attached to him with every passing moment. We also grow to love the supporting cast who, with the exception of one particular character but I won't spoil anything, support Adam through all his hard times. The characters are all so well written and they play their key roles in Adam's life perfectly. 50/50 is a movie structured to where every character serves a major purpose in furthering Adam's development as well as the development of the plot. And so as we watch the relationships between Adam and the people in his life grow and fade we develop a deeper understanding of his character, making 50/50 an incredibly human story.

It's always nice to be so surprised by a film's quality. I expected good things from 50/50 from the first time I saw a trailer, but the movie itself exceeded my expectations. It is what the dramady subgenre is all about. It is a film tailor made to be the subgenre's posterchild. I laughed, I lamented, and I was brought close to tears at how heartwarming and touching of a film 50/50 is.

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