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Recent Movie Reviews


According to my IMDb profile (which I've only just managed to look at and an excellent feature it is too), nearly half the movies I've ever written about have been action flicks. No real surprise there - Hollywood continues to produce action films with startling regularity, each one with bigger explosions and more bullets than the last. But despite the shallowness, I confess that a good action movie can provide all the escapism and entertainment I demand even if my life hasn't been vastly improved as a whole. This movie was another one that piqued my interest with the trailer and like most action movies, it does enough to entertain without really stretching the medium as a whole.

In deepest Bolivia, a CIA Special Forces team are assigned to take out a nasty drug baron but try to abort the air-strike after spotting children being used as human shields. But their superior, a voice on the radio known as Max (Jason Patric), demands the mission be completed. Ignoring orders, they soon find themselves becoming a target for the CIA themselves and they quickly disappear off the radar for a while. So when team leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is contacted by an alluring woman (Zoe Saldana) with a plan to get them home and armed to the teeth for revenge, Clay soon persuades his colleagues Pooch (Columbus Short), Roque (Idris Elba), Cougar (Óscar Jaenada) and Jensen (Chris Evans) to join him. But can she really be trusted as the Losers soon find that Max has bigger fish to fry than a rag-tag bunch of apparently deceased soldiers?

Based on a comic series, "The Losers" feels remarkably like a slightly more humorous take on "Wanted". The film is crammed with slow-mo shots of explosions, gun battles and carnage erupting around the actors as they shoot, blow up and kung-fu-kick their way to the film's (faintly anti-climatic) final sequence. As a result, there isn't a great deal for them to do but Evans and Morgan do well, snapping off wise-cracks amid the chaos. Saldana, however, does her career a power of good - being the perfect blend of sexy chick and bad-ass heroine (which reminds me, I must watch "Columbiana"). The story doesn't really do much besides provide a variety of locales for each action sequence to take place although the stuff about Max's overall plan involving bizarre 'green' bombs is clearly nonsense. But the action is satisfying enough and isn't that what we want from an action pic?

True enough but "The Losers" fails to recognise a basic principal of action movies - context. Take "The Matrix", the spiritual basis for every action movie since (including this one) - would Neo's bullet dodging have meant as much if the story hadn't gripped us from the opening scene, that memorable chase over rooftops between Trinity and Agent Smith? "The Losers" can't make its mind up whether its a revenge story or whether there is a classic 'evil genius' story going on instead and as a result, it isn't as tense as it could have been. The humour also prevents tension building, although it makes the film more entertaining than "Wanted" which took itself way too seriously. Action fans would do well to watch this and personally, I'm looking forward to any sequel although judging by the film's poor box-office performance, that looks unlikely. It's not a bad film but one that just needed a bit less pyrotechnics and a bit more thought to it. Frustrating because I really wanted to like this more than I do.


It's terrible. It's a tragedy that both Jessica Alba and Joel McHale from The Soup played characters in this. Butt-bombs, barf bags, etc. It takes toilet humor to the extreme. Sure little kids will find it enjoyable, but anyone over the age of 10, stay away from this and never look back! Also 4D, really? Doesn't most moviegoers hate 3D? Why 4D? It's just 3D, but with those stupid pop-up numbers to make you scratch the number and smell those stickers that smell worse the cigarette smoke. And one last thing. A TALKING Australian-ACCENT DOG (no joke) with face-palm inducing one-liners such as "Somebody put that on YouTube." and stuff like that. But there is only one thing that I like about this movie. Carmen and Judi are back. They got the original actors that played them and was defiantly a nostalgic tribute to the first 3 movies. All in all, just save your money. If you really want to see how bad it is, wait till it comes on RedBox.


as far as simple comedy's go I have ride along an 8. it was full of laughs, the cast was great and it even trough in a bit of a twist.

now I'm not saying you won't see the twist coming but comedy's IMO aren't for that anyway. but just the face that it was there was great.

This is probably Kevin Harts best script to date and it matched his comedy routine very well. as for ice cube he did a great job for who he is but I do feel that Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson would have been a better cast as he's much bigger and more intimidating then ice cube.

all and all though its worth the watch. just go into it with an open mind and remember that it is a comedy. don't compare it with like Shawshank or Braveheart or something like that.



This film is about the first 24 hours of a straight A student's 21st birthday.

"21 & Over" is a toned down college version of "The Hangover". The plot is very similar to "The Hangover", and it is wearing thin. Though the parties are ridiculous and the alcohol is plentiful, we all know what will happen and hence the plot does not have the same entertaining effect as the first time around. Fortunately, the subplot of testing the strained friendship and standing up for oneself is a bit refreshing, so "21 & Over" sets itself as slightly different from its parent clone. The Asian female student who swears a lot is the most memorable character, and she deserves a special mention. Her one minute of screen time is so unexpectedly crazy! "21 & Over" is an average comedy, if judged on its own merit. But please, enough with the "The Hangover" clones.


Total disaster! I can not think of one redeeming reason to see this. I'm glad it was a matinée. I can suspend belief with movies but this was just a bridge too far! The script writing was clunky, there was little to no chemistry between the main characters. I'm not exactly sure why William DaFoe was even in the movie. Stay away!

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