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Recent Movie Reviews


Aardman Animations have been part of my life. I will forever remember the moment Wallace wore the wrong trousers or Mrs Tweedy obnoxiously making chicken pies. Their animations are quintessentially British, and I'm somewhat patriotic about that. So it comes with no pleasure that I have to say I really didn't enjoy this. A small tribe of cavemen have been brutally kicked out of their valley. The rise of The Bronze Age creates a pivotal and existential question: who is better at football? Of course, you have your memorable characters that range from a bronze obsessed Lord to a sheepish hog...and there we have our film. Consistently, their animation style knocks it out of the park...Nick Park...*cough* everytime! Stop motion is a skill, an incredible talent and it's great to see fully fledged motion pictures are still being produced. The British voice cast were stupendously well suited, particularly Redmayne and Hiddleston who clearly had fun. Occasionally the witty script, filled with both football satire and ancient puns, did bring a smile on my face. It's just...not enough, I'm sorry to say. Look, Nick Park and the gang are endlessly inventive and provide great family entertainment value. Children will love this no doubt. It just wasn't for me. The plot was ridiculously predictable to a point where I could estimate accurately how the story would unfold. Guess what? I was right. The over reliance of crude slapstick humour (farts, annoying sounds etc.) was far too excessive and seemed dated. It's as if the studio haven't evolved whereas rivals Pixar, Laika and even Dreamworks are way ahead of the game. The story's execution felt primitive. I felt nothing towards the characters, wasn't moved by the plot and the clear moral of the story was forced down my throat. Teamwork...if you didn't get it. I just don't think football was the way to go. A real unfortunate misfire, I hope the studio bring it back with their next motion picture.


The Smurfs 2 Zero Stars I Remember a long time ago when I Saw the smurfs cartoon, it was funny, charming, amazingly and whimsical, it had tiny blue creatures who battle gargamel and much more, but sadly the smurfs movie was a disaster and it made a big amount of movie at the box office and this one could be even worse, this is one of the most pathetic sequels ever made and one of the worst movies of the year so far, what a joke. this takes place 2 years after the events of the first film when the smurfs time traveled to new york, when in the case smurfette gets kidnapped by the naughties (one of the them played by a truly wasted Christina ricci in a what is she doing in the film like this) and the smurfs go to Paris to save her from gargamel and the naughties, Neil Patrick Harris is wasted yet again as the person who is trying to help the smurfs along with his wife, gargmel played by an embarrassed Hank Azaria of the simpsons fame who is completely lost.

The CGI is impressive but so what?, the screenplay is simply a waste of absolute time, the story goes nowhere, the writing is pathetic and a editing is a complete disaster, sadly this is Jonathan winters last film and a pathetic one if that. this is a truly dreadful film that is even worse then the first, MUCH worse

Wait for avatar sequels in 2016 if that.


This is yet another movie demonstrating space for many new viewers, IN THE WRONG WAY. If you set aside the horrible acting and the obviously written-in-a-day plot, all you have left is a steaming heap of special effects and sound editing that is designed to rope in young or stupid movie viewers, these days they are synonymous. This is essentially Sanctum(2011) cloned, set in space, with worse acting, and less intelligence. This movie had it's accurate moments, a rarity among cinema, but the creators also dropped the ball hard on many of the physics in the movie. Any of you that have studied physics and understand the concept of a vacuum, please stand up.

Spoilers ahead!~~

This genre is very hard to get followers as it is, but why oh why would you cast two of the worst possible people that could portray astronauts and then proceed to have them read lines that are most likely written by some guy that has absolutely no knowledge of internal conflict. Okay so here we go. -Does anyone truly believe that, during a SCHEDULED maintenance mission to a prestigious satellite like the Hubble, Russia would have been operating in the same level of orbit? OR if that doesn't hit it home, detonations are not executed in geosynchronous orbit EVER for fear of permanent debris OR how about did the engineers of either Russia or America randomly think that," hmm so we are going to blow up something in orbit(to reiterate this does not happen) and there absolutely won't be a chain reaction that causes the I.S.S. or the future C.S.S. to receive damage" NO because this just won't happen ever. -Why would NASA, assuming this is our time line (she mentions Huston, which is mission control) have authorized this woman(Bullock) for space operations if she is so prone to be mentally disabled in a crisis?(loss of child, apparently no significant other or family, seems depressed so the psych. eval. would have failed) -Why if after being approved for a mission to orbit(which requires ridiculous amounts of training), would this certified astronaut and specialist(most likely an electrical engineer, which happens to be my profession), be so idiotic in a situation as grievous as this. I mean there are well over a dozen times that she seems to have the capabilities of a high school dropout. -I know this is a movie but damn, the cliché's are killing me softly. Ripley is the only solo-heroine of the space genre, sorry Sandra. Also the hallucination cliché ,cough, movie isn't over, cough, she gets away unscathed,cough.

In conclusion, yes the special effects depict earth well and the debris/fire-in-zero-g was pretty good, it is clear that the budget went to the cg. The downfall is that space is big, this genre NEEDS exploration, not just our atmosphere! There is a big reason why media like Star Trek has staying power, and why many of the viewers and readers can obtain a lasting memory by stopping by NASA's website and read testimonials of astronauts and see pictures from satellites etc. This movie is just a hyped up 1.5 hours of cg with a terrible script and bad acting, that has nothing to give to the space genre. Sorry Hollywood, but until you give us the desire, you won't get viewers hooked on bad space movies. Sincerely yours, concerned techie.


Seth MacFarlene, along with Mark Wahlberg returns as the trash-talking teddy bear who brought the laughs and fun in this sequel to 2012's hit comedy Ted. Mila Kunis, however, was unable to return as Mark Wahlberg's girlfriend from the first film. This time around, Ted has married Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), his feisty girlfriend from the first film. One year's passes by, they begin dealing with marital problems until Ted hatches an idea for them to have a baby, hoping it would solve marriage problems. His plans only ends harder than he expected. To make matter worse, the government rules that Ted is not a human citizen, which results in him losing his jobs, losing his bank account, and having his marriage with Tami-Lynn annulled. In attempt to get his life back together, Ted and his buddy John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) get help from a lawyer named Sam (Amanda Seyfried) for a court case to prove he should be considered human.

After seeing the first film, I was more than excited for a sequel. As most sequels to comedies go, I didn't expect this to be as good as the first one. However, it ended being almost as good as the first film. It contained plenty of hilarious dialogue that had me laughing almost constantly. Yes, the dialogue is pretty raunchy and vulgar like it was in the first film, or perhaps even more so. Nonetheless, I was satisfied with it. The gags were pretty funny, especially during the scene when Ted and John were visiting the hospital to get sperm for Ted's baby. There are a few gross-out scenes that may not be funny to everyone, the hospital scene being a perfect example. Ted was funny as ever and often stole the show with his off-the-wall humor. Mark Wahlberg was also quite funny as well, perhaps even more so than in the first movie. In this one, his character is even more dumb and often lead Ted and himself into the most hysterical and unpleasant shenanigans. I also pleased by the casting of Amanda Seyfried as the lawyer who helps John and Ted during their mission. I think her character was very clever and well written, even if she wasn't as funny as Ted and John. The storyline was okay, even though I felt that the film could had a better plot.

This film may have gotten mixed reviews, but I think it deserves higher. If you loved the first film, there is a very good chance you will enjoy this one. Even if it may not level with the first one, it is still worth seeing.


This is a movie that stays with you. It's a real movie about people, and a place--not car chases and explosions. I don't agree with the mixed reviews and complaints about the length of the movie. Matthew McConnahey is well-cast. All of the actors do a good work; Reese Witherspoon, Sam Sheppard. Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland do a great job playing the child characters. The Mississippi river is like a character in the movie, which evokes Huckleberry Finn, as others have noted. The settings are magnificent. In a sea of manufactured movies, it's nice to see something that was crafted by human beings. I would recommend this movie to those who are interested.

The audience in the theater I was in seemed absorbed.

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