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This movie for what it was... was a nice slow ticking bomb but had lots of story... lot of depth to it. I absolutely loved it. It's been forever since I've seen a sensitive choose not to come back and the spirit stay. Lucy was one tuff costumer and you saw that early on when she saw Tess was enterable slam down next to her death spot over and over. This is not a horror movie this is a slow bomb supernatural thriller. So all these 1-2 reviews doesn't know a good spirit movie. This is excactly how sensitives get entered or possessed by spirits or demons. It doesn't happen boom pow it's a slow take over. I think this movie showed that perfectly. Also loved the cast.


"Austin Powers" director Jay Roach serves up a less than appetizing rehash of French director Francis Veber's 1998 comic masterpiece "The Dinner Game." "Dinner for Schmucks" casts Paul Rudd cast as the straight man, while Steve Carell hams it up as a dim-witted idiot. Rudd and Carell have now co-starred in three comedies. Previously, they appeared together in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." No, "Dinner for Schmucks" isn't half as hilarious as either "40-Year-Old Virgin" or "Anchorman." The premise of this half-baked hokum is that our hero's arrogant boss throws a once-a-month dinner party where his best and brightest employees compete to see who can bring the dumbest dinner guest. Typically, the dinner guests are such incredible imbeciles that they don't realize that they are being roasted instead of toasted. Essentially, these cold-blooded bigwigs at a private equity firm that cuts up other firms and sells off their assets need something for a good laugh. Unfortunately, "Dinner for Schmucks" comes up short on yucks.

This politically incorrect plate of pabulum concerns an ambitious, young analyst who is prepared to sell his soul to the Philistines so he can realize his dreams, specifically marrying his girlfriend. Along the way, our hero realizes the error of ridiculing idiots so that he can attain his dreams. Long before he grasps what he has done, the humor in "Dinner for Schmucks" has lost its seasoning. The original French comedy concluded before the eponymous dinner. "Dinner for Schmucks," however, goes in for a seven course meal and wears out its welcome. Mind you, it is always a pleasure to watch Carell cutting up, and he seems to be genuinely having fun as an IRS processor and mouse taxidermist who assembles the dead rodents in detailed dioramas. Incidentally, designer Joel Venti and the cult effects Chiodo brothers, Charles, Edward and Stephen , who fashioned the puppets for "Team America: World Police," whipped up these inventive dioramas. The point is that Carell steals the show, but the show really isn't worth stealing. When Carell isn't carrying on his shtick, "Dinner for Schmucks" sucks.

Financial analyst Tim (Paul Rudd of "Sidekicks") has been pestering his cute girlfriend Julie (Stephanie Szostak of "The Devil Wears Prada") to marry him, but she is a career girl who orchestrates elaborate art deals. Meanwhile, Tim lives in an elegant apartment and drives an expensive sports car that he really cannot afford. After the president of Tim's firm, Lance Fender (Bruce Greenwood of "Star Trek"), pink-slips an executive who took the business down the wrong path, Tim angles for the promotion. Tim concocts a scheme to bring a fabulously wealthy Swiss entrepreneur, Mueller (David Walliams of "Stardust"), to Fender Finances. Mueller owns a munitions firm with tons of leftover ordinance from World War I, basically bombs, and Tim has figured out a way to convert the bombs into lamps. Of course, Fender Finances will take a bath marketing the bomb lamps, but they will clean up managing Mueller's portfolio. Fender is desperately looking for ideas to turn his company around when Tim pitches his proposal. Initially, Fender wants to hand the project over to one of his surefire executives, but he finds Tim's blind ambition so refreshing that he lets him woo Mueller. Fender tells our hero about his super-secret party and invites him to bring the biggest boob. It doesn't take Julie long to convince Tim that the dinner is a dumb idea. Nevertheless, Tim needs that promotion so desperately so he can sweep Julie off her feet that he sets out to find a loser.

Literally, Tim runs into a loser. Barry (Steve Carell) is picking up a dead mouse for his mice diorama when Tim hits him. Fortunately, Barry is none the worse for landing on Tim's hood and then being hurled several feet away. Initially, Tim fears the worst when Barry and he try to reach a monetary agreement, until Tim realizes that Barry plans to pay him for the damage to his sports car. After Tim breathes a sigh of relief, he asks Barry what he was doing in the middle of the street. Barry shows Tim a dead mouse that he was trying to retrieve from the street before our hero could flatten it with his care. Barry flaunts a book that contains photographs of the dead mice after he has dressed them up to resemble famous paintings, such as Whistler's mother. Tim knows a good thing when he sees it and cultivates Barry's friendship. Meantime, after Julie gets wind of what Tim plans to do, she wants to break up and devote herself to her latest insane art client, Kieran (Jemaine Clement of "Gentlemen Broncos"), whose art works of himself dressed up in a satyr costume are selling like crazy. As nutty as Barry is, Barry stands no chance alongside the warped, egotistical genius of Kieran. Predictably, Tim learns his lesson, and Barry and he show up Fender for the snobbish ape that he really is. However, before Barry can win the trophy as the biggest idiot, he must confront his intimidating IRS co-worker, Therman (Zach Galifianakis of "The Hangover"), another hopeless moron who constantly overshadows Barry.

Incongruity is the source of the best comedy. The buffoons that Steve Carell, Jemaine Clement, and Zach Galifianakis play in "Dinner for Schmucks" are as funny as this labored comedy gets. What makes these performances work so well is that the actors appear to have no idea how ridiculous they look. Carell looks like he is channeling the comic actor Austin Pendleton of "My Cousin Vinny" with his spectacles, buck-teeth, and wacky haircut that makes him look particularly nerdy. Jemaine Clement scores points for "Dinner" as an eccentric artist obsessed with all things goat, and Zach Galifianakis never misses a chance to make himself look hopelessly cretinous. Despite its interesting characters, "Dinner for Schmucks" belongs in a richly deserved doggie bag, but not as a treat.


First off, this is NOT a zombie movie. I don't know what the book was like, but the movie is not zombies, it is people who are being manipulated by a cellphone signal to be violent, and nothing but violent. We get a glimpse at the end as to what is really going through their minds while being controlled.

This was an excellent movie but for one thing, it doesn't actually explain why it all happened. So, with a few other clues scattered around, I am pretty sure it is a psychological breakdown of one person. In either case, the ride is fun and with good performances. If you must have all questions answered, and don't like the idea of one person having a breakdown, it will not work for you.


This movie was equally exciting for both adults and children and honestly, I couldn't tell you which of whom had more in the audience. By the trailer alone, I could tell that this was going to be captivating due to the fact that it was not animals singing but familiar voices as well! They also sang current songs and some older songs during the audition portion but I believe that was truly them catering to their audience and they hit the nail on the head with that one. Each actor/actress delivered for their character immensely and I was shocked to see that a few of them knew how to sing! The beginning was...interesting. It caught my attention (the voice and not so much the sheep) but I was glued once the main character began to speak about his present life. The most exciting part of the movie was the lessons in it which was people will do what they want to do when they want to do it and never be afraid of doing what you are good at! I hope a sequel comes out soon!


I think romantic comedies do not promote the idea of marriage or family life.What they sell is simply the idea of romance, concluded by a great wedding or declaration of eternal love, with which they tacitly admit that it is better to end the story when the main characters are still happy, before they land in the cruel realities of the married life.On the same way, the movies focused on pregnancy do not promote the breeding of a child, but the idealized tenderness a baby represents.The Back-up Plan is an irritating and absolutely atrocious hybrid of those styles.

One of the biggest problems from The Back-up Plan is its offensive simplification of the subjects about the romance, babies and marriage, which leads to levels of absolute stupidity.Needless to say that that clearly reflects the opinion big Hollywood studios have on the spectators, and they suppose it will not care if they insult our intelligence, as long as they put some sticky song, a few "slapstick" scenes and an attractive main couple that personifies the particular romantic fantasies from many people.Big mistake.I do not expect every movie about babies to be academic studies on the evolution of maternal roles in 21st century; but as the Baby Boom and She's Having a Baby show, it is perfectly possible to make a funny and very entertaining comedy about the subject, which does not sacrifice its intelligence or is afraid of talking to the audience with a bit more of sophistication.

Another big problem from The Back-up Plan are that it is terribly unfunny and the screenplay is truly deplorable.Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin lack of any chemistry; O'Loughlin is one more in the list of generic and uncharismatic gallants, and I would not be surprised if this "actor"'s previous work is as a male model in romantic questionnaires from the Cosmopolitan magazine.

My recommendation is for you to avoid this execrable movie as a plague.I have definitely abandoned any hope for Lopez to recover the credibility as an actress she acquired in the 90's with Out of Sight, U-Turn and Blood and Wine.My good will definitely expired (specially with The Back-up Plan).

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