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A Drama, Music movie released on June 09, 2011 in Australia, China. Starring Claudia Karvan, Clayton Watson, Elaine Jin, Guy Pearce, John Atkinson, Rhys Muldoon, Terry Serio.

Release Date: June 09, 2011
Year: 2011
Runtime:97 mins
IMDb Rating:
Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) a 16 yr old Chinese orphan dreams of nothing more than being part of the 'perfect' family. When her orphanage travels to Australia to par-take in The Australian Choir Festival Mei Mei takes the opportunity to find her Australian Sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). However what she finds is far from what he depicted. Initially mismatched and disconnected the two begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance.