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A Thriller, Horror movie released on August 03, 2002 in USA. Starring Mike Norris, Ryan Paul James.

Release Date: August 03, 2002
Year: 2002
Runtime:76 mins
IMDb Rating:
"" is a true story about a fake character. The film is a mocumentary on horror director Vic Van Viper, who produced a local TV show called "Creeping Death." In 1994 Viper and his crew were shooting an episode at his house, and they were all brutally murdered! Viper was assumed to be dead when police found a confession, but they never found his body. It's still an unsolved case to this day! Two and a half years later, bizarre murders started to occur on a college campus where Viper once shot his local television show. Detective Robert Simpson, discovers that the murders are copies of the killings that took place in the Creeping Death TV series. Coincidentally college student, Amber Johnson, is making her own documentary on the life and death of Viper at the same time all the murders are taking place. Amber and her friend, Julie Comb, move into Viper's old house. The same place where Viper filmed his last episode of Creeping Death, and where the slaughter took place. While Simpson hunts down the killer the case progresses. There's a frightening question that haunts the girls and Simpson, it possible that Viper may still be alive and behind all these killings? Amber and Julie discover a much more bizarre world then they ever expected, and get more than they bargained for! They quickly realize that when fantasy is mixed with reality, our life as we know it will BLEED!