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A Drama, Thriller movie released on November 22, 2019 in Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay. Starring Sofia Buenaventura, Moises Arias, Julianne Nicholson, Laura Castrillón, Deiby Rueda, Paul Cubides, Sneider Castro, Karen Quintero, Julian Giraldo, Wilson Salazar, Jorge Rom�n, Valeria Diana Solomonoff.

Release Date: November 22, 2019
Year: 2019
Runtime:1h 42min
IMDb Rating:
Teenage commandos perform military training exercises by day and indulge in youthful hedonism by night, an unconventional family bound together under a shadowy force know only as The Organization. After an ambush drives the squadron into the jungle, both the mission and the intricate bonds between the group begin to disintegrate.