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A Comedy, Family movie released on December 10, 2016 in Canada. Starring Colton Gobbo , Kyle Peacock , Jacob Soley , Julia Pulo , Dalia Yegavian , Brian Scott Carleton , Keith Cooper , Brian Cook , Gene Abella , Matthew Hawkins , Dane Gulston , Gwenlyn Cumyn , Michael Rubinstein , Bob Charters , Lilly Nesbitt .

Release Date: December 10, 2016
Year: 2016
Runtime:1h 28min
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12-year-old Barney is on a mission to get what he really wants for Christmas this year. He hatches a plan to beat the Christmas rush and buy the entire stock of the most sought after gift, The Patty Panda doll! Barney and his friends sneak into the local department store after hours hoping to use the rare toys to swap for things on their own list. Things don't go exactly as planned when Forte and his slick gang of tight suit wearing thieves, show up with the same idea.