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A Drama movie released on September 01, 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA. Starring Alena Dzebo , Ana Andelic , Mugdim Avdagic , Jelena Basic , Senad Basic , Enis Beslagic , Hasija Boric , Miodrag Brezo , Svjetlana Brezo , Ante Cash , Jasna Diklic , Admir Glamocak , Rijad Gvozden , Mirvad Kuric , Almir Kurt .

Release Date: September 01, 2015
Year: 2015
Runtime:2h 5min
IMDb Rating:
is inspired by a true story set in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The "Sabina" of the title plans to marry Sasa (with whom she served during the Bosnian War), but there is a problem. Sabina is Muslim and Sasa a Catholic, and their respective families disapprove of the marriage. Their only ally is an older woman, Ankica, whose son - killed in the war - had been their close friend. "Aunt" Ankica thinks of Sabina and Sasa as her own children and invites them to her home on the island of Korcula to get married. Springtime comes and Sabina travels to Korcula where she is reunited with Ankica and where the two women wait for Sasa to join them from Zagreb. The days pass... Sasa never arrives... and with a heavy and troubled heart, Sabina returns to Sarajevo. She discovers that Sasa has taken all his things from her apartment and moved out. There is no note; no explanation. Sabina goes to Sasa's mother for answers, but the deeply embittered woman treats her harshly and calls the police. ...