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A Crime, Drama movie released on February 10, 1936 in USA. Starring Maureen O'Sullivan , Joel McCrea , Lewis Stone , Louis Calhern , Edgar Kennedy , Adrienne Ames , Robert Greig , Noel Madison , Granville Bates , William B. Davidson , Richard Powell , Erville Alderson , Gertrude Short .

Release Date: February 10, 1936
Year: 1936
Runtime:1h 7min
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Ann Gray is wrongly convicted of murder. On her way to jail a car accident gives her the opportunity to escape. She is helped by young lawyer Tony Baxter. He hides her from the police, as well as his fiancée, with the help of his butler Peedles. Ann is also wanted by the mobsters who really committed the murder as they think she knows where $250,000 worth of bonds are hidden. When the mobsters find and abduct her, Tony enlists the help of the D.A. and the police to try to get her back.