Watch The Pembrokeshire Murders Season 1 Episode 3

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Episode Title: Episode 3

A Crime, Drama tv released on January 11, 2021 in UK. Starring Keith Allen , Caroline Berry , Oliver Ryan , Alexandria Riley , Charles Dale , Simon Nehan , Steffan Cennydd , Richard Corgan , Roger Evans , David Fynn , Anastasia Hille , Sarah Jane , Kyle Lima .

Airing Date: January 13, 2021
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Now John Cooper is free and his wife, Pat, dead, the stakes have never been higher for Detective Steve Wilkins and the Operation Ottawa team. Steve goes over everything in the files again and strikes gold with an old crime scene photo, which leads him to the elusive khaki shorts. Forensic testing on these shorts gives them the ‘golden nugget' they've been searching for, and Cooper is arrested and charged. Steve and the team must now put their faith in barrister Gerard Elias to prosecute Cooper and get him convicted for his crimes.