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A Romance, Crime, Mystery movie released on January 26, 2001 in USA. Starring Aasif Mandvi, Anthony 'Treach' Criss, Bobby Cannavale, Bonz Malone, Brian Donahue, Danny Glover, Danny Hoch, Fisher Stevens, Iraida Polanco, Isaach De Bankole, Jack Dimich, John Ortiz, Leslie Segar, Michelle Rodriguez, Mike Starr, Pam Grier, Paul Calderon, Rahul Khanna, Roger Rees, Sandra 'Pepa' Denton, Sarita Choudhury, Sergej Trifunovic, Sharon Washin.

Release Date: January 26, 2001
Year: 2001
Runtime:88 mins
IMDb Rating:
The feature film directing debut of