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A Drama movie released on March 07, 1996 in USA. Starring William Devane , John Shea , Bess Armstrong , Dean Norris , Brian Markinson , Lisa Dean Ryan , Timothy Patrick Quill , Gary Grubbs , John M. Jackson , Ray McKinnon , Brandon Smith , T.C. Warner , Matthew Faison , Karla Tamburrelli , Julie Ariola .

Release Date: March 07, 1996
Year: 1996
Runtime:1h 40min
IMDb Rating:
A county sheriff is accused by his two daughters of having abused them. Under interrogation, and guided by his pastor, he thinks the devil has blinded him to his guilt and confesses. The girls' accusations get more and more elaborate, involving satanic rituals, their mother, other police officers and neighbors. A memory expert is called into to clarify the growing confusion and can easily see the girls are lying.