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A Horror movie released on April 01, 1964 in USA. Starring Baynes Barron, Byron Morrow, Davey Davison, David McLean, Diane Sayer, Ellen Corby, James Sikking, Jeanne Bates, John Yates, Michael Ryan, Mimi Dillard, Russ Bender, Selette Cole, Victor Buono, Wally Campo.

Release Date: April 01, 1964
Year: 1964
Runtime:89 mins
IMDb Rating:
Leo Kroll, a lab technician in a large unnamed city, is responsible for the strangulation murders of several young nurses. He feels that in some twisted way, that he is getting back at his overbearing shrew of a mother. Leo also kills the nurse who is taking care of his mother in the rest home she is staying at. As a result, Mrs. Kroll dies from a heart attack. He also kills an arcade worker whom he feels is can identify him.